10 ETFs to buy in 2023


10 ETFs to buy in 2023 is a shortlisted selection of exchange-traded funds that are set to perform much better than their similar alternatives. All 10 ETFs to buy in 2023 meet ESG criteria.

To learn how we manage to pick the best exchange-traded funds successfully, read our investment fund research article.

Brief characteristics of the 10 ETFs to buy in 2023:

ETF 1: Smart Beta ETF investing in large and mid-cap companies in 15 European countries

ETF 2: Smart Beta ETF investing in global companies

ETF 3: Tracking 100 top capitalized companies in the global markets best placed to seize the long-term growth trend in infrastructures

ETF 4: Investing in the healthcare sector using capping to ensure diversification among companies within the index

ETF 5: Basket of stocks of one specific industry that Gainshore identified as Megatrend number 1 for the next decades to come

ETF 6: Large and mid-cap representation across 23 Developed Markets

ETF 7: Smart Beta ETF investing only in companies with broad competitive advantages

ETF 8: Broadly diversified exposure to emerging market equities, value-oriented, low-cap style paying high dividends

ETF 9: Seizing investment opportunities with solid momentum in Asia

ETF 10: Investing directly in small capitalization companies in the United States.

10 ETFs to buy in 2023 is a shortlisted selection of the best exchange-traded funds available for investment.

Investment fund research involves studying funds, mainly actively managed mutual funds and ETFs, to assess the best available investment schemes among similar options. Read how we pick our best ETFs, Funds and Stocks and why they consistently generate above-average returns here.

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